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The Customer Protection Act (CPA) provides used car buyers with some assistance, however the best way to avoid disappointment after buying a pre-owned car is to be prepared with the right knowledge.

Here are some tips to help you prepare before you buy a second-hand car:

  • Research first: There are many online platforms where you can research prices and specifications of cars. Autotrader, and WeBuyCars are just a few platforms with heaps of information available. Autotrader provides you with additional tools such as “Compare used cars”, “Research used cars”, “What’s it worth” and many more cool useful information.
  • Know what you want: Before viewing a used car, know exactly what you want and ensure that you are informed on what car-type and model you are viewing. In doing so you can prevent the person selling you the car from confusing you with too much details regarding the vehicle.
  • Download the Cars One100 app: Let a certified mechanic come and inspect the car with you. A set of expert eyes never hurt!
  • Take your time: After a Cars One100 mechanic inspected the car, sleep on it. Go home, think the decision through thoroughly and call the car salesperson the next day when you have had time to think.
  • Negotiate: Armed with the right knowledge (from Autotrader, Wheels24,Cars One100, etc.) you can negotiate you can negotiate a better deal.
  • Get a warranty: If you use a Cars One100 inspection service you get a warranty included in the price. Alternatively, buy an extended warranty.

Buying a used car can be an emotional rollercoaster and is often not a pleasant experience, but unfortunately, it’s a process we have to go through a couple of times in our lives. Empower yourself with the right knowledge and make it easier on yourself.

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