Written from the perspective of a SME owner.

We are facing tough economical times, for the past 10 years we faced tough economical times and the future doesn’t look any rosier.  It seems we are surrounded by toughness.

Small businesses are bearing the brunt of this toughness, but as the old tale goes, from the ashes the phoenix will rise. In this is where opportunity lies!

Any investor or would-be investor knows that you always try to buy low and sell high. This same principle applies to business. When is the best time to start a new business? When will the competition be at its weakest? When is the opportune moment to accelerate away from the competition? The answer is simple, when your competitor’s confidence is at the lowest. Business confidence in South Africa is low, people are scared to invest or spend money, everyone sitting back, wait to see what happens. BOOM! This is when you go, start a business accelerate your existing business and you’ll leave the rest in the dust.

 This is the South African’s fighting spirit, this is the South African’s spirit to explore innovate and lead!


 We need to stand up as an individual, as a nation, together, to create SMEs to drive ourselves forward.

We need to take responsibility and lead. No more moaning, growing and blaming other, but embracing to create.

And we will lead our children
Into the path of positive direction
Where we will clothe them with
Respect, love, freedom and strength
Where life can be blessed accordingly
And be trustworthy –

Vusi Mahlasela

Therefore, I started a small business in the time of doubt. This business is inspired by God and the need to rise from the ashes. This business is not only for me and my family, but is aimed to empower, employ and enrich the entrepreneurial spirit. This business aims to take simple car mechanics and help then to grow as a SME and individual.

TSHEPO MORERIANE is our first mechanic and we want to include Tshepo and words of Vusi , to build a better South Africa.

 Now is the time to lead in an open and honest way!


Best regards

Hanru Reyneke – Founder

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