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There is so much doom and gloom surrounding South Africa, the sky-rocketing petrol price, the falling currency, the crime, the poverty, the corruption, that people are being pushed into a corner.   What does a lion do when it is … Read More

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Cool Car Facts

Life can become way too serious. Therefore, I thought of mixing it up by giving you 10 cool car facts: Estimates by US publisher, Ward’s estimates, in 2010 there were just over 1 Billion motor cars in the world. 2. … Read More

Tools of the Trade

If you GOOGLE ‘’tips on buying a used car’’ it spits out numerus blogs, tips and opinions on what to do before you buy a used car. I have also published a blog with such info. Most of these sites … Read More

Buying a New car vs a Used car

The argument of what is the best buy, a new or used car, is one that is as old as….well, almost as the mountains. This argument falls under the same conversion as, would you buy a Land Rover or a … Read More

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How to avoid regretting your used car purchase

The Customer Protection Act (CPA) provides used car buyers with some assistance, however the best way to avoid disappointment after buying a pre-owned car is to be prepared with the right knowledge. Here are some tips to help you prepare … Read More

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Why? What? CARS One100!

In my opinion there is a serious lack of innovation when it comes to the used car sales process. Yes, websites like AutoTrader, Cars.co.za, WeBuyCars made things easier in finding the right car to buy, but I am talking about … Read More