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To Inspect or not to Inspect?

To inspect or not to inspect, that is the question? As I am a very practical person, I am going to present you with two scenarios on how to buy a used car. Buying a used car an be a … Read More

What to Expect When we Inspect

The Cars One100 Inspection As you know the Cars One100 service is based on a solution helping the used-car buyer to have certainty when buying a used car. We send a qualified mechanic to inspect a vehicle and report back … Read More

Disrupting the Used Car Industry

Written from the perspective of a SME owner. We are facing tough economical times, for the past 10 years we faced tough economical times and the future doesn’t look any rosier.  It seems we are surrounded by toughness. Small businesses … Read More

Car Care – Tread Lightly

Car Care – Tread Lightly

In this addition to my on-going Car-Car mini-series, I am going to focus on car tyres. This is an essential part of a car’s operation for it is the only part of the vehicle that has contact with the road … Read More

Cars One100

Car Care – The ultimate blow-up!

I am continuing my mini-series on, how to insure your vehicle’s engine last longer. I am going to be a bit more technical in this post, but bear with me because this is such an important part of your car’s … Read More

Cars One 100 - The Cooling blog

Car Care – The Cooling

I am starting a mini-series on, how to insure your vehicle’s engine last longer. I always say: ‘’prevention is better than cure’’ and this is so true when it comes to your vehicle’s engine life span. Here is some easy … Read More

Fill Up and Shut Up – Part 2

As  various other organizations march against the constant fuel price increases, the petrol price and fuel saving related subjects are hot topics. In last weeks blog I did some research regarding how South Africa’s fuel price compared to the rest … Read More

Fuel Price

Fill Up and Shut Up – World Petrol Price Compassion

As the petrol price climbs and the oil price is continuously hitting record highs and the Rand vale decreases, we as consumers are feeling the burn. If you want to drive a car you can only grind your teeth as … Read More

WAZE vs Google MAPS

After this week’s protest action on the N1 highway between Pretoria and Jo’burg, I decided to write this blog. Traffic will always be a pain for any commuter and a thing that is one of life’s most dislikeable things. Radio … Read More

Awesome Car Tech

Ford and Waze to partner South Africans are facing traffic problem and we increasingly turning to technology solutions to help us fight traffic. Waze is a very effective wat to dodgy traffic with the help of all the user’s input … Read More