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Fill Up and Shut Up – Part 2

As  various other organizations march against the constant fuel price increases, the petrol price and fuel saving related subjects are hot topics. In last weeks blog I did some research regarding how South Africa’s fuel price compared to the rest … Read More

Fuel Price

Fill Up and Shut Up – World Petrol Price Compassion

As the petrol price climbs and the oil price is continuously hitting record highs and the Rand vale decreases, we as consumers are feeling the burn. If you want to drive a car you can only grind your teeth as … Read More

WAZE vs Google MAPS

After this week’s protest action on the N1 highway between Pretoria and Jo’burg, I decided to write this blog. Traffic will always be a pain for any commuter and a thing that is one of life’s most dislikeable things. Radio … Read More

Awesome Car Tech

Ford and Waze to partner South Africans are facing traffic problem and we increasingly turning to technology solutions to help us fight traffic. Waze is a very effective wat to dodgy traffic with the help of all the user’s input … Read More


There is so much doom and gloom surrounding South Africa, the sky-rocketing petrol price, the falling currency, the crime, the poverty, the corruption, that people are being pushed into a corner.   What does a lion do when it is … Read More

Used car inspection APP

Cool Car Facts

Life can become way too serious. Therefore, I thought of mixing it up by giving you 10 cool car facts: Estimates by US publisher, Ward’s estimates, in 2010 there were just over 1 Billion motor cars in the world. 2. … Read More