There is so much doom and gloom surrounding South Africa, the sky-rocketing petrol price, the falling currency, the crime, the poverty, the corruption, that people are being pushed into a corner.


What does a lion do when

it is push into a corner?


The thing about South Africans, we are people that are not scared to standup and fight for what we believe in. I think Mugabe would not have ruled for so long if he were president of South Africa. I know things are not looking rosy in South Africa, but there are so many individuals that are standing up a starting passion-projects that make us proud as a nation. This is exactly how the concept of Cars One100 started, a passion-project that aims empower the consumer / used car buyer!


Here is a couple of WHAT-IF scenarios why I stared Cars One100:

  • You started your first job as a young professional, you saved every cent you can and bought a used car to travel to work. WHAT-IF the vehicle had an unknown mechanical issue you did not know of and the car breaks down on the N1 highway during peak time traffic.
  • You are working your way up in the world and you just bought a car that has low mileage and only one previous owner. WHAT-IF you are on your way to a new job interview with your new wheels and suddenly you hear a screeching noise and your car stops dead in the middle of the road. Only to hear that your car was in a major accident that you did not know about!
  • Your boy has cracked the first rugby team, you are on your way to a big match, he is playing the rugby of his life and you know the scouts are at the game. WHAT-IF, 3 months ago you bought yourself a pre-owned SUV, you turn a corner and there-she-blows!! The radiator had a crack that you did not know of and left you seeing smoke and your boy missed his important game.
  • Your daughter is starting varsity next year and you want to buy her a small used car to travel to class and back. WHAT-IF she travels back from night class and her new car (you bought her) breaks down?
  • You retire, you just bought a car that you plan to last you a least 10 years. Two months down the line a head-gasket blows because of an oil leak you did not know about, and now you must spend your hard-earned pension money to repair the car.


Life does happen, but sometimes you can avoid the WHAT-IF scenarios by being smart. Being smart is to check a used car before you buy it and using, my passion-project, Cars one100 you can be smart about life. Download the mobile app and request a qualified mechanic to where you are to avoid life’s WHAT-IF scenarios.



Warm Regards

Hanru Reyneke

Founder: Cars One100

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