Ford and Waze to partner

South Africans are facing traffic problem and we increasingly turning to technology solutions to help us fight traffic. Waze is a very effective wat to dodgy traffic with the help of all the user’s input and Ford has cleverly decided to integrate with this technology. vehicles shipping with its already-impressive SYNC 3 infotainment systems can now use the car’s own display for Waze mapping and navigation, along with its sound system for voice cues. Waze can now be setup on your Ford’s display screen to help you beat the traffic.


 The AI Microbus

The VW Microbus is an iconic South Africa car and will always be part of how we transport our families. VW has partnered with NVIDIA to incorporate AI (artificial intelligence into their futuristic microbuses. This will include features such as face-recognition technology to recognize the vehicle owner, so the car can unlock, just seats and mirrors. It will monitor your eyes for alertness and use AI to improve the vehicle’s driver assistance features. All of this is not far away as VW plans to start production of this microbus in 2022


 The Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)

The ACC systems vary from different manufactures, but all ACCs use some sort of radar/camera system to track the vehicles ahead and adjust speed accordingly. ACC will speed up or slow based on the position of the cars in front, reducing fatigue. Some will even bring you a complete stop when necessary, allowing the driver to set off again with a quick touch of the “Resume” button. This technology is among the trend to assist drivers.


Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

As I mentioned the integration partnership between Ford and Waze, Apple and Google are by far the leaders when it comes to integrating your devices with your car. The Apple Car Play and Android Auto APP can now integrate into your vehicle’s display units, so easy non-distractive way to play music, navigate, and use voice commands to activate tasks. Example: You can open and reply to a text message by only using voice command. This is the future of car technology!


 Anti-Theft and Anti-Hijack Tech

This article is written for South Africans and won’t be complete if I don’t include some tech to help you against the car theft and hijacks


Faraday Bag for Key-jamming

This is a key-pouch that protect the key against any electronic signal. The pouch is made of fabric woven with conductive metals that block any electronic signal from getting in or out. With your key inside this bag, a thief can’t clone or copy the key’s signal when you lock your car, even with the bag’s flap open. Importunely, this item must be imported, but is available on Amazon.


 Autowatch 211 Anti-Hijack Immobilizer

This device is plugged into your car and has a sequence of responses when triggered by opening the car door or starting the ignition. First the device can be programmed to start the anti-high sequence 1,2 or 3 minutes after it has been triggered, allowing the drive to be out of harms-way. When the anti-hijack sequence starts, the vehicle will slow down, the engine will stall, the indicators will start to flash and the hooter will sound. This is not a standard product and so you might just recover your car!


The Club

The is the old-faithful, the tried and tested and the trusted anti-theft device. The Club or the steering wheel-lock. This decide is more the 30 years old and still works. It will still deter a thief, unless the bring a grinder or power drill! Cheap and easily available, this is my number one anti-theft device.


Best regards

Hanru Reyneke

Founder: Cars One100

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